Top 5 Avocado benefits for health with the best nutrition

Benefit of Avocado for Health

Top 5 benefits of avocado are given below:-

1. Weight Loss

There is a misconception about avocados and their adverse effects when it comes to weight loss programs and diets.

Some people think that avocados should be avoided in calorie-restricted diets because of the fact they are high in fats.

On the contrary, eating and incorporating avocados into your diet is not going to prevent you from losing weight.

In fact, adding avocados to your meals will help you feel more satiated, which will eventually reduce your desire to eat more and eat more often.

It’s been proven that similar meals without avocados do not cause as much satiety.

Taking all of this into account, it is clear that avocados may be an excellent supplement to an effective weight loss diet.

Plus, what makes avocado a weight-loss friendly food is the fact it is high in fiber, low in carbs, and does not raise blood sugar levels.

2. More Potassium than Banana


Potassium is one of those nutrient that most people are lacking in their diet.

This nutrient not only helps maintain electrical gradients in the cells of the body but it is also beneficial to various important body functions.

Avocados are very rich in this nutrient. 100 grams of an avocado (3.5 ounces) serving contain 14% of the RDA.

3. Lowers Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels


Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world for both men and women.

Several blood markers are associated with an increased risk of heart disease: cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, inflammatory markers, and many others.

Avocado has been tested and studied in eight human controlled trials so as to find out about its effects on these risk factors.

These studies included splitting into groups, where one group was instructed to eat avocado, whereas the other one was restricted from eating it.

The results were to give insight into what happens to the patients’ blood markers over time.

The studies have shown that avocados have the ability

  • Reduce total cholesterol levels to a great extent.
  • Increase HDL (the “good”) cholesterol by up to 11%.
  • Lower LDL cholesterol by up to 22%.
  • Reduce blood triglycerides by up to 20%.

4. Absorbs Nutrients From Plant Foods


When it comes to a number of nutrients, it is not the only thing that counts.

Some plants are very rich in many nutrients, but their ability to absorb them is not that great.

The ability to absorb nutrients from the digestive tract and into your body is what makes these nutrients count.

Some nutrients are so-called “fat soluble”, which means that they need to be combined with fat in order to be used and utilized.

5. Protects Your Eyesight


Not only does avocado help you with antioxidant absorption from other foods, but the fruit is also rich in antioxidants itself.

Some of the antioxidants found in avocado are Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are essential for eye health and eyesight .

Some studies have come up with the results where these antioxidants are linked with the reduced risk of cataracts and mascular degeneration, especially common in the elderly.

As a result, eating plenty of avocado will provide your body with benefits for your eyes over the long term.

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