The life in the view of the Future Health world for Child.

Children future Health .

Chronic conditions in future health such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes type 2 and cancer usually emerge during middle age – and most of us find it hard to even think about a time that far ahead in our little ones’ lives. But according to the World Future Health Organization, it is only after long exposure to unhealthy lifestyle habits that we develop chronic diseases, and if we can instill healthy lifestyle habits early in our children’s lives, thus reducing some of the risk factors, a full 80 percent of premature heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, and over 40 percent of cancers could be prevented.

In today’s busy world, with multiple demands on parents and kids alike, helping kids for future health develop healthy behavior habits is not easy, said Robert Hanks, Ph.D., R.N., an assistant professor at the UTHealth School of Nursing. “…it does take work and planning. However, future health is even small steps are beneficial in the long term in promoting healthy families.”

Begin early to instill healthy eating habits.

It’s never too early, said Jennifer Ritchie, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who owns Milkalicious, a lactation consulting business in California. “I can tell you that engendering a future health with healthy lifestyle in our kids starts, when possible, with breastfeeding,” she claimed. “Statistics don’t lie, and the statistics tell us that children who are breastfed are far less prone to obesity later in life…”

Incorporate physical activity into daily life.

“In short, get up and move!” said Dr. Hanks. Encourage walking or biking after school, whether it’s to do errands or exercise the dog. You can also “encourage your children to participate in sports or even participate in chores that require physical activity,” recommended Dr. Hanks.

If future health give your child isn’t interested in team sports, there are a lot of individual sports, too, such as martial arts, swimming, or dancing.

And while technology should be limited because it promotes a sedentary lifestyle, “not all technology is a bad influence,” said Dr. Hanks. “For example, [XBox Kinect] can be used for exercise routines and for instructional purposes. Another example of technology being a benefit to increasing activity is the relatively new smart watch concept that can double as an activity tracker.”

Instilling good physical activity habits can also mean teaching the simple things, like walking to the library instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of opting for an elevator, or using a push mower instead of the rider at least some of the time.

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