All Vegetable names with pictures and in english Urdu spanish

In the word we need a veg or non-veg is a big discusion for everyone on the plante so we want to known the all names which we not want.

in this post i will show all names of vegetables with pics and the both common languages in asia.

Vegetables Name

English          Roman          UrduCarrot

Carrot            Gajar             گاجر

Scientific Name – Daucus carota subsp. Sativus 

English          Roman          Urducucumber

Cucumber      kheera           کھیرا  / ککڑی

Scientific Name – Cucumis sativus

English          Roman          Urducauliflower

Cauliflower      Gobi             گوبھی

Scientific Name – Brassica oleracea var. botrytis

English          Roman          Urducorn

Corn              makai              مکئ

Scientific Name – Zea mays

DID YOU KNOW! Corn is a cereal grain and is also a type of fruit.

English              Roman                  Urducapsicum

Capsicum      Shimla Mirch           شملہ مرچ

Scientific Name – Capsicum annuum

English              Roman                  Urducabbage

Cabbage        Band Gobi               بند گوبھی

Scientific Name – Brassica oleracea var. capitata

English              Roman                  Urdured-beets

Beetroot            chukandar              چقندر

Scientific Name – Beta vulgaris

English                      Roman                  Urdured chilli

Chili , Red Chili          Lal Mirch              لال مرچ

Scientific Name – Capsicum frutescens

English           Roman                  UrduGarlic

Garlic              lehsan                   لہسن

Scientific Name – Allium sativum

English           Roman                  UrduGinger

Ginger            Adrak                     ادرک

Scientific Name – Zingiber officinale

English           Roman                  Urduchili

Green chili      Sabaz Mirch         سبز مرچ

Scientific Name – Capsicum annuum

English           Roman          UrduLady Finger

Lady Finger     Bhindi           بھنڈی

Scientific Name – Abelmoschus esculentus

English           Roman          UrduMushroom

Mushroom     Mushroom     مشروم

Scientific Name – Agaricus Bisporus

DID YOU KNOW! Mushrooms –  Mushroom is not a plant a biologically, so, it isn’t a vegetable technically .

English           Roman          UrduOnion

Onion              pyaz              پیاز

Scientific Name – Allium cepa

English           Roman          UrduPeas

Peas               Matar             مٹر

Scientific Name – Pisum sativum

English             Roman          UrduPeppermint

Peppermint      Podina         پودینہ

Scientific Name – Mentha × piperita

English               Roman             Urdu

Pointed Gourd    Lambi Loki     لمبی لوکی

Scientific Name – Trichosanthes dioica

English      Roman        UrduPotatoes

Potato         Aloo             آلو

Scientific Name – Solanum tuberosum

English       Roman        Urdu

Purslane      Lobia          لوبیا/خرقہ

Scientific Name – Portulaca oleracea

English       Roman      Urduradishe

Radish        Mooli          مولی

Scientific Name – Raphanus sativus

English       Roman      UrduSpinach

Spinach      Palak         پالک

Scientific Name – Spinacia oleracea

English               Roman            UrduSpring Onion

Spring Onion     Hari pyaz        ہری پیاز

Scientific Name – Allium fistulosum

English                  Roman              UrduSweet Potato

Sweet Potato      Shakar Qandi     شکر قندی

Scientific Name – Ipomoea batatas

English          Roman          UrduTomato

Tomato          Tamatar        ٹماٹر

Scientific Name – Solanum lycopersicum

English          Roman          UrduTurmeric

Turmeric        Haldi              ہلدی

Scientific Name – Curcuma longa

English          Roman          UrduTurnip

Turnip           Shaljam          شلجم

Scientific Name – Brassica rapa subsp. Rapa

English                         Roman             UrduWhite Goose Foot

White Goose Foot        Baathoo         بتھوا ، باتھو

Scientific Name – Chenopodium album

i think i not complet it clearly but if i dont do this comletley so you take a short to comment name with name and other one topic also.

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